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Due to an ever-increasing competitive landscape, as well as, shrinking consumer base owing to a shift towards research and online travel booking by consumers themselves, WTS is facing stiff business challenges. This is not helped by perceptions of it solely as an operator of overland tours.

Together with A.S Louken, WTS Travels embarked on a brand enhancement project to strengthen WTS’ brand relevancy and competitiveness to stand out in a saturated travel industry in Singapore.

Through research, the consulting team was able to identify similarities in the needs and motivations of the 3 main groups of customers – young family travellers (family with young children), filial travellers (seniors travelling with adults) and senior independent travellers.

“We repositioned WTS Travel as the most convenient travel operator that promises a Welcoming, Thoughtful and Seamless travel experience. To support this positioning, we crafted an internal brand mantra of “By Land, Sea or Air – We care how you get there” to guide WTS Travel in its strategy and culture building, a simple and actionable phrase that employees could relate to.”

A.S. Louken

All About Vibrancy and People

The logo was refreshed to bring about the brand personality to be like that of a trusted family friend. In a market where communications are loaded with jarring images and loud icons, we developed a set of secondary graphics to succinctly and cleverly communicate the brand’s offerings – land, sea, air.wts15


Brand imagery feature the target market in both candid and intentional poses with messages that intentionally resonate with their needs:

Play | Bond | Explore


About WTS Travel

WTS Travel was set up in 1989 and is a regional leader in Singapore for short-haul travel destinations, offering premier travel services in cruise, package tours for overseas trips, worldwide hotel reservations, air ticketing and coach service. It is also an inbound travel operator that offers overseas tourists a wide range of tours, accommodation and ground transportation around the major attractions in Singapore. Today, WTS Travel has 11 retail branches located conveniently across Singapore to cater to its wide range of customers from all walks of life.