SIA HUAT aimed to create a new brand that can enable it to grow beyond its B2B market and carve out a new market segment targeting the everyday end-users of kitchenware and related equipment.

Research revealed there is untapped potential in the market, where under the right circumstances, most people would enjoy cooking, baking or hosting (or even all three!)

The concept shop aims to bring those who love to cook/bake/host closer towards their aspirations and inspire the rest into action.

A.S. Louken

Considering Sia Huat’s low brand recognition among the mass market and Asian heritage, a house-of-brands approach was strategised for this ToTT new concept.

We also named the concept as, abbreviated from Tools of The Trade. This emphasises the quality of the brands and products carried, as most of these products are of commercial standards.

In conceptualising this kitchen wonderland, we segmented the target market into 3 categories.



1. For those who love to cook/bake/host, TOTT INSPIRES them further and helps them do more.

2. For those who have the passion but not acting on it, TOTT NURTURES their interest and creates opportunities for them to start.

3. For those who have not realised their innate roles, TOTT helps them DISCOVER what they are.

A.S. Louken

In helping the everyday chefs, bakers and hosts to know the differences between the products and how to use them, we collaborated with the client in spatial planning, design of space directions and the required design handles to facilitate ease of movement and product purchase in-store.



About ToTT

ToTT is a kitchen wonderland concept by SIA HUAT, a leading stockist, wholesaler, and a one-stop centre for an extensive range of quality tableware, kitchenware, foodservice, and related equipment. It is a culinary destination that aspires to transform food shopping into a gastronomic adventure by offering an unparalleled range of kitchenware products.