In 2012, the management of Home Team NS, together with A. S. Louken embarked on a comprehensive strategy review to rejuvenate the brand, in consideration of these two main challenges:

  1. HomeTeamNS members’ affinity towards the organization was weak
  2. Other lifestyle clubs were also improving their facilities and offerings, which makes them competitively more appealing.

In order to regenerate members’ excitement of being part of the organisation, the rebranding effort needed to invoke a strong emotional connection to instil a sense of pride and belonging among of former NS men.

Through research, the consulting team identified the different archetypes of members and their differing set of needs and expectations.

“The common gap felt among members was how recognition for their contribution and efforts seemed low and insignificant. This was a key insight that we knew had to be rectified in uplifting the brand, across both internal and external stakeholders.”

A.S. Louken

Recognising Contributions of NSmen

With this, we crafted a message that focused on the “Celebration of Success” contributed by the HomeTeamNS members. The brand logo was redesigned and refreshed with vibrant colours of orange and blue, which is in line with the new brand image of creating a sense of unity and eliciting a celebratory mood.



The design intentionally involved two colours coming together, fusing on the letter “T” to symbolise the unity of Civil Defence and Police Force NS men coming together under one organization. The two letters “M” form the foundation of a strong pyramid which exemplifies the solidarity and camaraderie among NSmen from both forces.

HomeTeam identity

HomeTeam uniform

HomeTeam Poster2

MasterBrand Approach To Facilities


With different facilities under the HomeTeamNS brand, a masterbrand approach is adopted for the brand identity of its sub-brands. Each of these descriptors are associated strongly to the HomeTeamNS brand. This enables greater master brand awareness regardless of locations while concurrently, reflecting the wide range of services and activities held by HomeTeamNS.

There were 2 key prominent platforms as part of the brand activation that captured the attention of many people in Singapore.

The first is the celebratory launch campaign where 20,000 figurines that represents the NS men and their family members that were distributed in the MRTs. The intention was to also show appreciation and bringing joy to local heroes and their families. This campaign invited a lot of media coverage and also became a talking point.


Another activation exercise was the launch of the brand in conjunction with the opening of a newly recommended clubhouse by DPM Mr. Teo along with the launch of the new membership card, which garnered a lot of positive feedback from visitors and government officials.

“Deepening bonds, Celebrating Contributions” was the tag-line which formed the core of the brand strategy – celebrating the big and small contributions of Home Team NS member. This sense of celebratory conveyed complements well with the upgraded facilities and new clubhouse that allow members to have quality time with family and friends.


About HomeTeamNS

HomeTeamNS is a non-profit organization that is established to recognise the invaluable contributions of Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force NSmen. The organization’s key objective is to bond former NS men together in a vibrant community, through common interest and activities held in their various clubhouses.