Unknown to many, the brand has vertically integrated the entire protective packaging value chain – including material extrusion, design, product fabrication, packing, global supply chain management and product recycling. Moreover, its product range has extended significantly to include a wide range of non-foam materials.

With new material breakthroughs, the management envisioned a new Fagerdala brand positioning and identity that can align its employees in the Americas to Asia, which better reflects the brand’s aspirations as a global end-to-end protective packaging solutions provider.

“We wanted to create a new brand identity that reflects our next stage of growth and to articulate our competencies as a company to align both our short-term and a long-term strategic growth plans that will help us to transform from being a foam manufacturer to an end-to-end protective packaging solutions provider.”

Diane Yeo – Executive Director, Corporate & Legal Affairs, Singapore

Our main challenge lies in changing perceptions that:


This is not helped by the fact that its former origins began with “Fagerdala World Foams”.

During the internal brand audit with its global employees, we uncovered how most employees are not updated on the brand’s R&D efforts and non-foam material competencies and viewed the brand solely as a foam packaging provider.

“We knew then our mission was to elevate packaging beyond a commodity, reflecting the brand’s potential and actual capabilities for greater things beyond foam manufacturing.”

A.S. Louken

In doing so, this will inspire and align its employees to see their own brand for what it’s really worth, helping them to better engage their current and potential customers.

All About Vibrancy and People

For Fagerdala to differentiate itself, it has to compete on an emotional level. As such, the brand’s persevering spirit in customising protective packaging solutions that fit local context globally was identified.

Taking into consideration our knowledge of Fagerdala’s strengths and growth plans, we defined Fagerdala’s brand promise as “Whatever it takes to customise global protective packaging solutions.”

To put it simply, Fagerdala was built around this core idea:



A Box in Box Concept Conveying Protection

We retained the legacy of the hexagonal honeycomb icon from the original logo, which represents strength and protection.


Pushing the Brand Beyond Reliability

The colours adopted are also in line with Fagerdala’s brand strategy and offering:




blank square catalog

An integrated marketing kit was designed to enable sales staff to story-tell the brand essence to customers. The brochure opening was also designed as a 1-minute elevator pitch to communicate the idea of “Freedom To Focus”.


About Fagerdala

From its humble beginnings in Sweden as Fagerdala World Foams in the 1960s, Fagerdala has grown beyond manufacturing foam to delivering a whole suite of packaging solutions across different materials globally. It is now known as Fagerdala Group, based in Singapore and has divested its businesses in Fagerdala World Foams.