Much adored for its exquisite workmanship and figure-flattering cuts, Blum has gained traction with loyal customers of whom majority are professional women in the workforce. But due to increased competition from international fast fashion brands with their lower-priced offerings in recent years, Blum found itself losing its distinctiveness among its existing clientele. Its ability to command price premium has been challenged due to a dated brand image and unappealing merchandise categorization.

From primary research conducted, Blum was perceived to be for mature women and faced difficulty in reaching out to the younger generation of executives. The label has also been synonymous with cheongsams among non-customers which limits its relevance.

Defining The Brand: Soft Power

A brand concept targeting working female professionals who desire a certain type of power in the corporate world was developed; a power that is soft but not weak.

Drawing key strengths of the brand which lie in its exquisite craftsmanship and quality fabric to create the exceptional fit that accentuates the woman’s figure, the Blum woman is prepared for whatever challenges that may come along the way such that she is ever-ready but not power-hungry; she is dressed for success. More than just apparels, Blum reflects dynamism and celebrates every woman’s self-belief.

She is, dressed for success.


A Masterbrand Product Brand Architecture

‘Blum & Co’ was renamed ‘Blum’, This allowed the brand to create sub-brands for different product categories – Instead of keeping multiple label names for different fashion styles, we advised the team to group the designs according to three main categories that still fall under Blum, i.e. Blum Corporate, Blum Weekend and Blum Evening.

Blum remains as the main label brand for mid-high offerings that are targeted at professional women, while other brands that target a different group of consumers can eventually be created based on their needs and preferred styles.

In line with the new proposition, we realigned Blum’s signature product from cheongsam to blazer as the blazer is a better representation of the brand’s collections. It carries forth soft power, a symbolic empowerment of strength and beauty.

Visualising Soft Power

In the fashion industry where brands often use celebrities to enliven their image and build awareness, Blum differentiates itself via a more enduring approach – using secondary graphic that is refreshing and unique to the brand.


“Inspired by the precision of Blum’s craftsmanship, we created an iconic Blum flower that is made up of various shapes used in tailoring. With the layering effect, the Blum flower encapsulates the soft power of the brand meeting both beauty and strength in its expression.”

A.S. Louken

Blum (A.S. Louken Branding - Brand Agency Singapore)
Blum (A.S. Louken Branding - Brand Agency Singapore)
Blum (A.S. Louken Branding - Brand Agency Singapore)

About Blum

Blum & Co is an established and reputed company primarily in the business of designing, manufacturing and retailing up-market ladies’ designer fashion wear under its key house brand, Blum, with over 10 Blum boutiques in Singapore and an established distribution network in Hong Kong and Korea.