Arch Angel

Initially, Arch Angel was built around the footwear brands it distributed but do not own. As such, they needed to anchor its brand equity beyond quality footwear brands. In Singapore, podiatry recommendations had worked well previously in its own stores, but replicating this model to neighbouring countries may be limiting, as the podiatry profession is not developed in these countries, ultimately slowing down the expansion of the brand overseas.

Against a challenging retail environment, Arch Angel has to also consider younger customers’ changing shopping preferences, as they tend to seek information, compare prices and shop online, all before they enter the shop.

Our research revealed that customer service process in most comfort footwear stores tend to be similar to the typical fashion footwear brand – Browse. Try. Buy. This places the focus on the designs, and not the benefits of the shoe, even though the shoe may come with technical constructions and features, resulting in customers purchasing an ill-fitted pair of comfort footwear.

To differentiate itself from typical comfort footwear brands, Arch Angel wanted to change the buying experience by providing proper footwear education before customers decide to make a purchase, empowering them with choices, happier feet and positive perception of the brand.

“Arch Angel needed an evangelistic persona to set them apart from the run-of-the-mill brands that do not provide its customers’ any footwear education.”

A.S. Louken

Making Foot Health Easy To Understand

The new Arch Angel is built around the idea of a curator of foot health information and products. A new tagline, Enlightened with Every Step, was proposed alongside the introduction of a foot pressure scanner and self-completion digital foot health consultation, termed the HALOHub™ .

Retail branding to reinforce this education process was also executed via information pods.


Beyond retail brand touchpoints, we also carried this idea of “Enlightened With Every Step” right into the product. Every single shoe is tagged with information on shoe features and what activities are they best for.

HALOHub™ proprietary Arch Angel’s foot pressure scanner and self-completion digital foot health consultation offers self-diagnosis, general foot healthcare recommendations, and at a later stage, personal shoes and shoes features recommendations.

This allows customers to be more aware of their needs, which would make it easier for them make the right purchase based on sound footwear education and advice.



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About Arch Angel

A specialist comfort footwear retailer, Arch Angel launched its specialty footwear boutiques in 2008, with a mission to alleviate foot related pains and foot problems through proper fitted footwear.