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Since the beginning we’ve partnered with visionary products and services many of which now define the evolution of the quintessential Asian brand.
Our work lights up rooms, tempts with fresh style and flavour. Our brands grace homes and kitchens, nourish skin, bring communities together. And the reason we work so well with so many is that their story is our story
forming partnerships and developing teams, expanding presence, achieving recognition.

The story of growth.


To be a trusted partner to enterprises in Asia, supporting them in their growth into market-leading brands.


Realisation this is what sets us apart, our expertise in delivering end-to-end solutions that are insightful and actionable. Our strategy comes alive to authentically meet business needs, add value, and achieve even more possibilities for your brand

“As a Singapore-based branding agency, we help enterprises in Asia become market-leading brands of tomorrow.”



“We had a good experience when we first worked with A.S. Louken in creating Arch Angel many years ago. Even after the branding project, I kept in touch with some of them. We established an ongoing relationship even though the project has concluded and decided to engage them again in developing our concept stores. We found that this brand enhancement exercise had made a real difference to us. A lot of our existing customers gave very positive feedback when they stepped into our revamped stores. They all loved the concept of the store.”

Tan Ee Leng
Founder, Arch Angel


“很感谢A.S. Louken这几个月来帮我们指定的品牌策略与培训。我们的员工和业绩都有看到明显的进步。”

“A very big thank you to A.S. Louken for the months of work involved in deriving our brand strategy and training programme. We have seen a marked improvement in our staff and revenue.”

Sia Chong Cong
Managing Director, WTS Travel

“We are very happy to work with a very professional team from A.S. Louken. They have a very structured approach in guiding us through various stages of the entire branding exercise.”

Puay Yong
General Manager, Blum & Co


“It is not easy to rebrand an association that has been around for quite some time and still reinforce the Home Team identity. Through our partnership with A.S. Louken, we found that they understood our needs and our desire to engage our target audience. We are very happy to have A.S. Louken work with us.

Working with A.S. Louken is such a joy because they are with you through thick and thin. We felt we are a family, instead of it being a pure business relationship. They worked with us and gave the best advice and direction on how we could chart our branding campaign. They will go the extra mile to deliver what we set out to achieve A.S. Louken is definitely your brand partner.”

Muhammad Fairuz Mohd Amir
Head of PR & Communications, HomeTeamNS


“It is very important to find the right partner when you want to do a branding project. It was great working with A.S. Louken. We started before the product was even born- it was at the conceptualisation stage where the team conducted market surveys and interviews for us – through these insights, we were able to extract what was important and incorporate it in the product design as well. The other aspect would be the identity conceptualisation – they were really able to transpire what I have in mind for this brand, feeling and positioning into what you see today.

If you want to consider branding, do approach them. It is a right decision.”

Yvon Bock
Managing Director, Hegen


Award Winning Branding Agency

A.S. Louken Branding - Marketing Award - Brand Agency Singapore
Marketing Magazine
Top 10 Brand Agency of the Year
2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
A.S. Louken Branding - Marketing Award - Brand Agency Singapore
Marketing Magazine
Local Hero
2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
A.S. Louken Branding - Marketing Award - Brand Agency Singapore
Marketing Magazine
Brand Consultancy of the Year
Bronze Award 2009
Silver Award 2012
A.S. Louken Branding - Brand Growth Partner - Brand Agency Singapore
A.S Louken Branding - Brand Agency Singapore

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