Brand Personality As A Direct Cause Of Brand Extension Success

Brand Personality As A Direct Cause Of Brand Extension Success

Conventionally, most brand extension strategies are established based on using the similarity of product category with the parent brand to influence the target market to accept the new extension. This is by far rather limiting for brands.

In our recent research and development into brand extension strategy, particularly focusing on symbolic brands (i.e. brands commonly used for self-expression), there is a new solution to overcome existing limitations.

Brand extensions, even if they are of differing categories from the parent brand, can be introduced by carefully endowing the extension brand with personality dimensions that are very similar to the parent brand.

We can achieve this by carefully selecting triggers of brand personality dimensions that are strongly associated to the parent brand and craft them into the personality of the extension brand. Technically, it requires close understanding between brand strategists and designers to develop personality triggers that are moderately incongruent to the parent brand to invoke the most effective outcome.

Such a strategy will be highly effective to stimulate appeal towards the extended brand, specifically for people with high self-monitoring disposition. Given that high self-monitoring consumers are more sensitive towards the symbolic meaning underlining a brand (to use it for self-expression and confirmation), they will be more likely to recognise the similarity or fit in the personality conveyed by the extension brand and its parent brand.

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