5,000 Years of Civilisation

5,000 Years of Civilisation

Karyn Lim is our Chief Executive Officer.The following are excerpts from her speech delivered at the Asia Soft Furnishings Forum held in Hangzhou.

China, with its 5,000 years of civilisation, possessed not just strong human capital, but was once a kingdom thriving in innovations, arts and culture, and material inspiration. Encouragingly, in recent years, a new breed of Chinese artists have started to express their creative designs by not mirroring the West, but preferring to express pride in their identity and heritage through different art and craft forms. Young designers, especially those who were exposed to different foreign cultures and philosophies, seem to be leading the wave of Chinese inspiration and design.

“居艺空间 G Space” is positioned as a “Creative Experience Hub”, targeted to attract soft furnishings professionals such as artisans, product designers, visual merchandisers, and related supply chain service providers. To add to the excitement of the industry, we also observed International luxury brands and global fashion powerhouses starting to create brands in China, with the export market in mind. Availability of such branded platforms will not just bring benefits to the domestic markets, but encourage the growth of national brands from China.

Brand attachment takes time to build up. Sticky brands which etch in people’s minds for a long time leads to desirability and customer loyalty. A distinctive brand needs to be anchored on firm ethos, originality, and memorable experiences that make for powerful storytelling. Chinese creativity will one day become a prized and possibly coveted attraction to the world, beyond its current tangible benefits.